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Zeo Drinks

At zeo, we make a range of lightly carbonated soft drinks. Inside each bottle is 98% spring water blended with naturally extracted fruits and botanicals. Even our bright, beautiful colours are brought to you entirely by nature.

We add a tiny amount of South American Stevia and just a touch of beet and cane sugar for sweetness.

Our six bright, crisp and refreshing flavours are carefully crafted in small batches and are under 30 calories for a 275ml bottle.

Experience Zeo

All Natural Ingredients

Our exciting crisp tastes are created by blending 32 fruits and botanicals gathered from around the world with cold, clear, refreshing, mineral-rich spring water. Even our deliciously bright shimmering colours are extracted from nature.

All Natural Ingredients


spring water in zeo

Sweetness from Nature

We’d never sweeten anything for the sake of it. But the truth is that you need a little sweetness to create a great taste. We source most of the sweetness from natural Stevia plants from South America, which are 400 times sweeter than sugar, but have 0 calories. The rest of the sweetness comes from a touch of sugar beets and natural sugar cane.

Low sugar. But perfectly sweetened.

Just over 1 teaspoon of sugar per bottle

Crafted in small batches

It took five years of skilful work by our flavour experts to refine zeo. Our flavours are crafted in small batches; distilled and blended to make each recipe from its naturally sourced ingredients.

The craft of making zeo


botanicals in our signature zeo blend.

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