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  1. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to wake up with a smile on your face or you can choose to wake up worrying about everything you have to get done that day. You can choose to go to bed grateful for all the small things that went well or you can choose to fall asleep worrying about the one thing that didn’t go to plan.


  1. You only get one body. The body you have now is the same one you’ll have when you’re 50, 60 and 90. Whatever you do to your 20-year-old body will also affect your older body. It was only once I realised that, that I started to treat my body with the respect it deserves.


  1. Most problems only become one if you let them. Some problems are bigger than others but they’re only as big as the way in which you respond to them. You can see problems as a setback or you can see them as a challenge or a learning opportunity.


  1. It’s not bad to fail. No one ever became ‘successful’ without a series of failures – they are just the parts we don’t hear about. Every failure is one failure closer to success, so embrace it! A teacher once said to me, “the only mistakes you make are the ones you don’t learn from” and I think it’s a great mantra to live by.


  1. The only way to understand someone else is to step into their shoes. There’s only so much you can learn from listening, reading and observing; the only way to really understand something is through experience.


  1. Other people’s reactions nearly always say more about them than they do about you. While you are worrying that someone didn’t like what you just said, they’re probably worrying that they didn’t react in the right way or have something in their teeth.


  1. You can’t base your actions and opinions on how other people will perceive them. People can sometimes be fickle and change their mind – by the time you conform to their beliefs there’s a good chance those beliefs will have changed anyway! Trying to be the person someone else wants you to be is a waste of time which you won’t get back.


  1. The mind is the most powerful tool you have. Most of the time the difference between failure and success is all in a subtle shift of mentality. Self-belief is the one thing all successful people – whether athletes, businessmen or artists – have in common.


  1. There’s more to life than looking good (trust me!), but if it makes you feel good then it’s not bad to care about your appearance. I’ve written many times about the power of dressing for confidence and really believe the power of feeling good can change your life.


  1. Body language speaks much louder than words. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying if your body’s telling your listener the opposite.


  1. Say thank you more than you say please!


  1. If you want to be good at something, you have to learn to love the process. Athletes aren’t born with superior skills, they simply learn to love practicing – and embrace, rather than avoid, the boredom that comes with it.


  1. A smile never hurt anyone so why are we so afraid of smiling? Smiling isn’t weak, silly or childish. Smiling represents some of the best human capabilities, like happiness, friendliness and compassion.


  1. Small acts of kindness feel great and they’re often better than being on the receiving end. Try to do one nice thing for someone each day and you’ll reap the benefits!


  1. Family is important. It’s easy to take your family for granted but as you get older you’ll appreciate them more and more. You won’t know how or why, but you’ll realise how important they have been and always will be.


  1. Sometimes the sad and destructive things that happen around us can overwhelm us, but we can try to accept them and focus on the positive!


  1. The only person you can control is yourself. You control your thoughts, your actions and (sometimes) your feelings. Trying to control anyone or anything else will only lead to disappointment and frustration. The only way to feel free is by learning to control your reactions.


  1. If you find yourself complaining, you have two options: keep complaining or do something about it. The former is an endless cycle of discontent, so let it go!


  1. Some friends are for life but most will come and go – and that’s totally natural. You don’t have to be friends forever just because you’re friends right now. Value the time get to spend with people and cherish the memories if they’re not there forever.


  1. There’s no substitute for looking after yourself. A workout will always trump an extra 30 minutes in bed. Healthy eating – most of the time! – will always feel better than greasy, fatty food. I like to live by a little mantra which is a rephrasing of the infamous Kate moss quote: nothing tastes as good as healthy


    Jodie Dewberry

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