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By Aimee at We Heart Living


Dry January is everyone’s go-to to counteract festive indulgences and wash away those sinful Christmas cocktails, selection boxes, mince pies and brandy butter…the list goes on! But did you know that Dry January started as a campaign by Alcohol Concern to help raise money for those suffering from alcohol harm? I didn’t, but before I took on the 31 days of Dry January it was useful to know of the campaign’s beginnings.

You’re not boring!
I can’t say I’m a huge drinker, but I certainly enjoyed a few vodkas on a night out, or a glass (ok, bottle) of wine with dinner. Being 22, the first thing you worry about when you tell people you’re going teetotal is people think you’re BORING. People don’t like the fact that you’re going to wake up hangover-free and bouncing around in the gym while they’re in bed, hungover with takeaway pizza on speed dial.

I found that the hardest part of Dry Jan is having to explain to people over and over again your reasons for inflicting Dry Jan upon yourself. Some people might say: ‘Good for you’; but a lot of the time you’ll get: ‘Oh go on, just have one!’ Stick to your guns and stay at it. Maybe they are probing you because they wish they had the willpower to follow in your lead! You could hit them with the fact that ‘Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions’, but you don’t want to be too much of a party pooper. Whatever your reason, have an answer stored in your head to avoid feeling awkward or under pressure.

“The hardest part of Dry Jan is having to explain to people over and over again your reasons for inflicting Dry Jan upon yourself.”


Preparation is key
I have loved my alcohol-free month. I’ve saved money, had a consistently good diet (even on the weekends) and not felt like an absolute sloth every Sunday. Instead I’ve managed an extra workout, spent quality time with my family and found new things to do all over London. My friends have probably loved it more, as I have offered up my own personal taxi service every Saturday night.

Just because you’re going sober, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on social events. I’ve found that now more than ever, restaurants and bars offer impressive mocktail options, so if you really don’t want to draw attention, order an alcohol-free cocktail and sit back and relax – your secret is safe! It’s really not as bad as you think. In fact, you feel rather smug waking up with no sign of a kebab next to your bed.

Fill your weekends with fun events, cooking, activities and workouts. Find something that relaxes you other than vino, like yoga. Try some deep breathing before you hit the pillow. Learn to feel confident in social situations without the aid of a few bubbles. A new month is upon us, why not give it a go for February – your body will thank you.


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