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  1. Get out more – Just 15-30 minutes sunshine a day can significantly improve your wellbeing, so give yourself a vitamin D boost. Sunlight provides around 85-90% of our vitamin D, helping prevent a range of illness from depression to weak bones.


  1. Boost your diet – never eaten kale? Don’t know your omega-3s from you vitamin Bs? Now’s the time to update your recipes. Called the ‘new Nigella’ by The Sunday Times, Anna Jones will make you want to eat vegetarian even if you’re not. Check out her A Modern Way to Cook (


  1. Head to the sea – Sea air really does make us feel better. That’s because it’s packed with negative hydrogen ions that help us absorb oxygen more efficiently. They also reduce anxiety levels by balancing our feelgood hormone seratonin.


  1. Experience something new – variety is the spice of life, so have a mini adventure. Go up in a hot-air balloon (, stay in a tipi (, or go wild swimming ( No spare dosh? Try walking up to the highest point in your area and spotting all the local landmarks..


  1. Early to bed – obvious, we know, but let’s hear it for the zzzzs. A good night’s kip not only boosts your immune system, concentration levels and mood but it can also stop you gaining weight! What’s not to like?


  1. And before you go to sleep… The experts say making love tops the happiness list. It beats going out, doing a sport, even playing with the kids. Well… what more reason do you need?