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The Art of Mindful Eating

By Anna-Karin Aksberg, DipCNM, mBANT, CNHC-reg

Anna-Karin AksbergWhat is mindful eating? It’s not a diet it’s about being aware of what you put in your mouth, where it came from, how you are eating, to appreciate the taste and paying attention to your food when you are eating.

Here are some simple tips on how to get started. By being more mindful about the food you are eating you will notice how much more you enjoy eating and you will also feel better. By eating mindfully, you are helping your digestive system to absorb your food better.

  1. Embrace your food. Before you tuck in, take a good look at the food and smell the food on your plate. This will kick off your digestive system and will improve the digestion of the food. Think about how good this food is going to taste and how much good it will do for your body.
  2. Slow down. Once you start to eat, pace yourself, chew slowly and pay attention to each bite you take. Not only will your food taste better, it also helps your digestive system to absorb the food better as well as reducing the risk of over eating.
  3. Avoid any distractions when you eat. Switch off the TV, iPad, mobile, laptop, these will all distract you from paying attention to the food you are eating and digesting the food. Distractions while eating increases the risk of over eating. Mindful eating is also about eating the amount of food you need.
  4. Know where your food came from. Aim to eat food that you know where it came from. Is it locally sourced or ethically produced?
  5. Ask yourself why you eat and when you eat. Great questions to use to be more focused on the food you are eating and the benefits. Being mindful of when you eat will reduce the ad-hoc snacks and the casual eating that is easily done when there is food around.
  6. How do you eat? Sit down when you eat and take your time, avoid eating on the go. Make having food as a break in your day, something you enjoy.
  7. Appreciate the taste. Most importantly enjoy the food you are eating! Enjoy the flavours! Enjoy how it nurtures you!


About Anna-Karin;

Anna-Karin Aksberg is a fully qualified nutritional therapist with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy gained after three years of training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London. She runs a clinic in Central London.

Anna-Karin is working according to the Functional Medicine principles which is based on that everyone is unique. The food and lifestyle recommendations are bespoke, science based and achievable to fit into the normal day-to-day routine.