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Too much sugar in our daily lives can damage our health. Knowing how important to consumers it is to make positive choices, Zeo has created a new type of soft drink, with all the latest flavours but healthier for you.

We make our drinks by employing some of the skills normally used to create fine spirits. The craft-inspired process we use derives from our flavour experts, whose experience of creating and refining drinks adds up to more than eighty years in total.

Each time we produce any zeo flavour, we ‘batch distil’ natural fruits, to produce undiluted essential fruit flavours and oils that we need for that recipe. Then we blend this with our signature base of  32 natural fruits and botanicals, top up with 98% spring water and add a very light carbonation to give Zeo its bright, refreshing fizz.

We pasteurise each batch with a little heat, which is what prevents us from having to add any nasties like preservatives, and then we bottle or can it, box it up and send on its way to shops, cafes, bars… and you.

There are faster, more automated (and cheaper) ways of making drinks. They’re probably rather less effort, too.

But we won’t be making zeo that way anytime soon.